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Introduce Your Students to the World
Take a journey with Field Trip Library. Teachers and students are invited to explore current and historical events by following along with interactive maps, pictures, videos and critical thinking questions. View events on a timeline, discover detailed information points with interactive maps, and give life to history lessons by putting things in context and connecting the dots.
National Geographic Videos National Geographic Videos
Explore the world through the lense of National Geographic.
Articles and Quizzes Articles and Quizzes
Put Maps101 to work by connecting exclusive material to your Field Trips.
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Get the most out of your Field Trips by sharing with the entire school! That's more for much, much less.
Critical Thinking Questions Critical Thinking Questions
Dig deeper with questions that spark class discussion and idea discovery.
Image Library Image Library
Connect the faces to names and scenery to place with detailed visual media.
Interactive Maps Interactive Maps
Take your students through a visual tour of historical events with maps.
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